About America Saraswata Sangha

America Saraswata Sangha(AMSAS) is a religious organization. Initially, it was started as a Pathachakra 'America Saraswata Pathachakra' on 4th August 2001, Shri Shri Guru Maharaj birthday, with seven families spread accross United States. In Sept 2003, NSS President and Parichalak (Adminster), Shri Shyam Sunder Dash, approved this Pathachakra to 'America Saraswata Sangha'. The first session of the Sangha was held on 7th Jan 2004. It is registered as a non-profit religious organization with the State of North Carolina. One of the primary goal of AMSAS is to help its members achieve spiritual enlightenment. AMSAS members meet every Sunday at Nigam Smruti Mandira, Efland in person and over conference call and pay obeisance to Shri Gurudev, discuss his ideals, read his books and share experiences on the path of spirituality.

Members of America Saraswata Sangha join annual Sammilani every year in the month of July. In Sammilani discussions are held on living an ideal household life, Sangha Saktira Pratistha (organization of groups of devotees for collective worship) and Bhaba Binimaya (sharing of expreiences gained during the year). Devotees derive great pleasure in attending it and meeting other devotees from various places once in a year. AMSAS publish a magazine "Saraswata Madhuri" during Sammilani.

It has a registered Bye-law containing details of its organizational structure and positions created for its effective management. It is a branch sangha of Nilachala Saraswata Sangha (NSS), Puri, India headquartered at ShriShri Nigamananda Smruti Mandir, Swargadwara, Puri, Orissa, India whereas its working office is at Satsikshya Mandir, A/4, Unit-9, Bhubaneswar-751022, Orissa, India.

NSS was established by its Guru Paramahansa Shrimat Swami Nigamananda Saraswati Dev on August 24, 1934. The members of AMSAS accept Swami Nigamananda as their only Guru and Ista, "Jayaguru" as mantra and they promise to abide by the direction of NSS. AMSAS has a governing body that meets once every month to discuss organizational matters of the sangha.

To propagate eternal religion (Sanatana Dharma), spread true education that enhances spiritual knowledge (Satsikhya Bistara), and serve all living beings with a belief that they are the manifestation of God (Shiva Gyane Jeeva Seba).

To be an ideal human being, lead spiritual lives by serving the communities we live in, and inspire others on the spiritual path through exemplary behavior.

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