Nigam Smruti Mandir

America Saraswata Sangha established its first Asana Mandira at Efland, North Carolina in August 2012.

1040 Jayaguru Lane
Efland, NC 27243

The land was purchased on the auspicious occasion of Shri Shri Thakur's 130th birthday(24th August 2010). Asana Mandira construction completed and Shri Shri Thakura entered Mandira (temple) on july 28, 2012. The temple was named as Nigam Smruti Mandira on August 2, 2012, auspicious birthday of ShriShriThakura

As per Hindu religion, Bhumi Puja (ground breaking) is a ceremony performed at new site before construction of home, temple or any building. Bhumi Puja has been commenced on September 11, 2010 coinciding with Ganesh Puja as per Hindu tradition in presence of members of America Saraswata Sangha.