Community Giving

Ideals of Pramahansha Srimat Swami Nigamanda Saraswati was to impart service to the poor and needy by treating all as the incarnation of Lord Shiva; in His words “Shiva Gyane Jiva Seva” i.e. “Service to all living beings deeming it as service rendered to the Supreme Being”. He initiated this service to poor and needy (Daridra Narayana Seva) through His desciples in rural areas in different parts of British ruled India. America Saraswata Sangha is committed to His ideals and considers it as responsibility to serve the community through charitable work.

America Saraswata Sangha is passionate about helping people providing grants to our parent organization Nilachala Saraswata Sangha and other organizations in the USA, India that share similar ideals, or engaging volunteer efforts of its inspiring members.

Our Focus is to serve the underserved and underprivileged in the community through charitable giving.

Our Volunteers are members of America Saraswata Sangha; who are active participants of charitable activities in their local communities and Efland in Orange County, North Carolina.

Nilachal Saraswata Sangha, Puri, our parent organization conducts various charitable activities in Odisha, India:

  • Providing educational assistance in school uniResources, books, tuition fees etc to students with financial needs.

  • Donating blood to community blood banks that help the underserved people in emergency cases.

  • Providing meals to the poor people during special events and festivals.

  • Providing community medical assitance to people at large social events in collaboration with local Government and other organizations.

  • Supporting conservation of environment and afforestation thoroughly by planting trees by the sea shore to protect the coastal areas during tropical storms; enhancing the green areas in urban parts of Odisha.

Sadguru Swami Nigamananda Deva had sought to awaken and inspire the people en mass through combined sadhana by directing them to lead an ideal family life and to establish Sangha-shakti. Thereby, he sought to awaken and strengthen a society from within wherefrom would emerge true Sevaks of peoples with humane outlook. We are yet to learn the skills of employing Sangha-shakti or collective-power or team-power in enriching the larger society in our country. SriSriThakura has shown the way to follow with the help of these Bhakta Sammilanis. Learning to utilize the power of 'sangha' or 'team' is another principal objective of the Bhakta Sammilani.