Sarbabhouma Sammilani

The First 'Bhakta-Sammilani' was held in Bengali Year 1322(English 1915) in Asam bangiya Saraswata Matha. It was attended by, total 11 imminent Bhaktas, 7 ascetics and 4 householders. Since then the practice of holding the Sarbabhouma Sammilani during Christmas Holidays is continuing. In this 3-day long Bhakta Sammilani, disciples, devotees from households and sanyasis and brahmacharis from Math and Ashrams hadparticipated. The devotees had invoked Jagadguru Srimat Sankaracharya and Mahaprabhu Sri Gaurang Deva to preside over the sessions of the first two days, respectively, while Sri Sri Thakura himself had presided over the last day's conference.

In the 13th 'Bhakta-Sammilani' which was held in Bengali Year 1334(English 1927) in Asam bangiya Saraswata Matha, SriSriThakur introduced 'Ananda Sabha' and made Phani Bhusan Mitra read the legally written trust-deed before the devotees on the 2nd day of the devotees' conference. The 11 trustees who were designated by Thakur took the oath to execute the duties and shoulder the responsibilities before Thakur and brother disciples.

Vowal Bhakta Sammilani - 1922.
First Mahila Sabha - 1930.

The "Mahila Sabha" ( a session organized by women devotees) was introduced for the first time in 16th "Bhakta sammilani" at Purba Bangla Saraswat Ashram in 1337(Eng- 1930). ShriShriThankura adviced and explained devotees about importance of women in society and family to lead ideal household life. Since then Sarbabhouma Sammilani is being held every year includes Mahila Sabha to celebrate and commemorate the ideals and principles of ShriShriThankura.

Sadguru Swami Nigamananda Deva had sought to awaken and inspire the people en mass through combined sadhana by directing them to lead an ideal family life and to establish Sangha-shakti. Thereby, he sought to awaken and strengthen a society from within wherefrom would emerge true Sevaks of peoples with humane outlook. We are yet to learn the skills of employing Sangha-shakti or collective-power or team-power in enriching the larger society in our country. SriSriThakura has shown the way to follow with the help of these Bhakta Sammilanis. Learning to utilize the power of 'sangha' or 'team' is another principal objective of the Bhakta Sammilani.