Pradeshika Bhakta Sammilani

Shri Shri Thakur Spent his last 12 years in Puri, Orissa. In year 1934 he Established Nilachal Saraswat Sangha (Puri). After Leaving His Mortal Frame, The devotees in the State of Orissa felt the urge to gather at least once in a year to celebrate the same concept of Sammilani . The Main reason behind this thought was, not all devotees could travel form Orissa to Bengal for attending the Sarbabhouma Sammilani, also the number of devotees increased several fold in the state of Odisa.

So the first Pradeshika(Statewide) Samilani was held in the year 1947 at Ankoli in the district of Ganjam, Orissa. It was organized by Nilachala saraswwata Sangha, Puri. It was held during Full Moon day of Magha. About 60 devotees congregated in this Sammilani, which was presided over by the Raja of Bada-Khemundi,Sri Ramachandra Anang Bhim Deo. Immense spiritual significance is attached to theevents leading to the selection of this place for the 1st ever Pradeshika BhaktaSammilani and the beginning of a great spiritual movement, thereafter.

Spirituality is the beginning and the end word of the Indian civilization. This civilization has grown, thrived and continues to thrive on spirituality based on Sanatan Dharma (Hindism). The annual 'Bhakta Sammilani' or the 'Convention of Devotees' organized by Nilachal Saraswat Sangha, Puri, in different parts of India, is an institution for the true pursuance and enrichment of the principle of Sanatan Dharma. The innovative and non-sectarian concept was of, one of the brightest sages of India, Srimat Swami Nigamananda Saraswati Deva, which took shape as early as in 1916 A.D. with the view to transfuse 'Prana-shakti' or 'life-force' in society and revive its spiritual vigor. It's unique in that the Bhakta Sammilani is conceptualized as an institution where the essence of Sanatan Dharma is actually 'practised' and not 'preached'. Swami Nigamananda Deva had envisioned it as a 'practice field' for building true Sevaks of humanity.